Snapshot 16w43a


Snapshot 16w43a

Nouvelle semaine = nouvelle snapshot !

Mojang vient de publier la Snapshot 16w43a qui apporte quelques modifications et également son lot de corrections de bug.

  • Le système de pêche a recu de grosses modifications.
  • Les vexes peuvent désormais vous suivre à travers les dimensions (End, Nether) et se déplacer dans l'eau.
  • Les outils cassés resteront cassés.



Corrections des bugs :

  • [Bug MC-1040] - Tools with unbreaking enchantment break, disappear from slot then reappear
  • [Bug MC-2920] - Wrong Fishing Line Calculation
  • [Bug MC-6579] - Fishing line does not follow rod when Fov is changed
  • [Bug MC-11877] - Fishing bobber floats a block above water
  • [Bug MC-47508] - Ridden entities disappear on relogin
  • [Bug MC-55851] - Leads not rendering when spawned (attached to mob/fencepost) via command block/structure block
  • [Bug MC-79996] - Blocks like crops and rails are solid to Fishing Rods.
  • [Bug MC-80500] - Snow layer placed against the side of another snow layer are placed one block too far out, only when there’s a block where snow would go normally
  • [Bug MC-87988] - Fishing rod sometimes cannot reel in entities
  • [Bug MC-93286] - fishing rod can’t pull mob
  • [Bug MC-94169] - Fishing Rod Bobber collision error and into the block
  • [Bug MC-94502] - Pasting numbers in customized world generation text fields does not enable “Defaults” button
  • [Bug MC-95450] - Some mobs have missing Loot Tables
  • [Bug MC-95944] - Fished items doesn’t reach player
  • [Bug MC-96205] - boat still does rowing animation while pressing a and d
  • [Bug MC-98922] - Fishing hook / bobber cannot kill itself after 1200 ticks and bounces on land
  • [Bug MC-98995] - Birch Forest M Biome Generation off
  • [Bug MC-99427] - Fishing bobber sticks to entity sometimes only visually
  • [Bug MC-100964] - Resseting demo mode dialog cannot be canceled by button
  • [Bug MC-103100] - Fishing Rods not always pulling in items
  • [Bug MC-103313] - Hitbox of baby mobs / slime / magma cube / llama are offset for some seconds
  • [Bug MC-104663] - Fishing particle glitch
  • [Bug MC-106082] - Attempting to pull ignited TNT with a Fishing Rod at long distances rarely works
  • [Bug MC-106892] - Dragon breath particles aren’t reduced on lower particle settings
  • [Bug MC-107149] - maxEntityCramming death message states “suffocated in a wall”
  • [Bug MC-107515] - Vex cannot teleport through nether / end portal
  • [Bug MC-107818] - Mansion generates with a 4 section room missing
  • [Bug MC-107844] - Vex has one accidental red dot on its left arm
  • [Bug MC-107846] - Evocation Fangs hurt illagers after reload
  • [Bug MC-108095] - Llama caravans refuse to pathfind down hills and around obstacles.
  • [Bug MC-108238] - Teleporting away from leashed entity causes leash knot to be near 0 0 0 client side
  • [Bug MC-108797] - Vex cannot move in water
  • [Bug MC-108897] - Blocks given redstone power do not power nearby redstone until the wire is updated


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