Snapshot 16w36a


Snapshot 16w36a

Une nouvelle snapshot pour Minecraft 1.11, la 16w36a continue de corrigé de multiples bugs. La Minecon arrive bientôt et les nouvelles fonctionnalités et ajouts seront annoncées à celle-ci.



  • [Bug MC-29544] - Particles from falling/landing/sprinting on leaves do not use foliage color
  • [Bug MC-41270] - Resourcepack’s glyph_sizes.bin and some unicode_pages are only loaded on startup
  • [Bug MC-83905] - Compass animates incorrectly
  • [Bug MC-95460] - Compass needle spins only in lower half randomly in the End and Nether
  • [Bug MC-96463] - UV mapping in cross.json and tinted_cross.json models is incorrect / South face of crossed textures of saplings, plants, etc. is mirrored
  • [Bug MC-101555] - Resource pack fails to load when the itemframe blockstate is multipart
  • [Bug MC-103550] - Malformed ping packet from server crashes client
  • [Bug MC-105886] - World File Names Containing Brackets Will Not Load Packaged Resource Packs
  • [Bug MC-105978] - Lingering Potions lose their effect when thrown in survival
  • [Bug MC-105982] - Placing a sign that was in a stack of 1 causes it to lose it’s data
  • [Bug MC-106046] - Lava bucket gets used up in smelting
  • [Bug MC-106084] - Passengers do not upgrade correctly from old versions
  • [Bug MC-106314] - Don’t know what stat.killEntity.Creeper is
  • [Bug MC-106485] - Crafted Banner applied to a Shield defaults color to black/doesn’t change the shield
  • [Bug MC-106536] - The block model of bone blocks lacks some cullface definitions
  • [Bug MC-106665] - Pause on lost focus inconsistent spelling.
  • [Bug MC-106675] - Command feedback inconsistency.
  • [Bug MC-106708] - Block Model Random Offset Compatibility


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